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Native Wear

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While the calendar may still read July, it feels as though Summer is quickly slipping away. In an effort to prolong the season, I have turned to Navajo-inspired Native-American wear to cure my mid-Summer blues. A quick glance at Will Leather Goods crossbody bag and VeraMeat’s talking bears ring has allowed me to fend off notions of Fall for the time being.

1. Will Leather Goods Blanket Crossbody $198, Eugene, Oregon.

2. Title Unknown Tribal Neckpiece $39, USA.

3. Staring at Stars Guiding Star Oversized Tee $29, USA.

4. Thief & Bandit Hand Printed Maze Cuff in Black and Poppy $22, Richmond, Virginia.

5. Town View Leather Moosehide Wool Lined Moccasins $64.95, Dexter, Maine.

6. Jack Rogers Navajo Thong $97.95, USA

7. Thief & Bandit Hand Printed Fabric Necklace in Pink White and Black $36, Richmond, Virginia.

8. VeraMeat Freedom Ring $58, New York, New York.

9. VeraMeat Talking Bears Ring $48, New York, New York.

Toy Box Treasures

Photo Courtesy of VeraMeat.

While Zach Galifianakis may not be the most obvious trendsetter (excluding his wild popularity in the costume department a la unkempt beards and babies) his recent foray into pinky rings has left me inspired. Donning the Dino Eating Fried Chicken Ring (seen here), Galifianakis introduced me to the fantastical world of VeraMeat, a unique jewelry line crafted in New York City welding whimsical fantasy with childhood allure in creations that mimic contemporary heirlooms.

Designer Vera Balyura, a former high fashion model from the Ukraine, showcases her eccentric childhood obsessions sculpted onto wearable jewelry via two-finger rings comprised of a full set of vampire teeth, a necklace depicting Edward Scissorhands’ scissorhands and a heart-melting French bulldog face to perch upon your finger.

Vera began studying fine-art sculpture at the encouragement of a friend, but she credits her steady hand and attention to detail as a skill she inherited from her grandmother, a surgeon. Her grandfather schooled her in woodcarving at a young age before she moved to New York City at the age of 14 to pursue modeling.

VeraMeat’s jewelry line provides an outlet for adults to externalize their childhood fantasies in a wearable art form. Her miniature sculptures all handcrafted in the USA have reasonable price points ranging from to $50-$300, which is a small price to pay in order to regain a tangible fragment of your childhood imagination.

1. Hi I’m French $150 2. Dino Love $102 3. Vampire Luck $120

4. Skeleton’s R Us $54 5. Puppies $170 6. Hippo/Shark $140

7. Viking Taking Over the Sky $180 8. Owl Ring $70 9. Feather Duster $110

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