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Consequence Put Hands On Joe Budden During The “Love & Hip Hop New York” Reunion

Lord have mercy!! It seems that Vh1’s “Love & Hip Hop New York" reunion is going to be a doozy and here’s why. According to Twitter, Consequence tweeted out the following message below:

Of course Joe Budden responded, but his response kind of threw me for a loop!

You can check out Joe Budden’s tweets when you click on that “Read More" button below:

Now I’m sure Joe Budden could’ve handled himself in the Consequence situation, but the fact that Tahiry jumped in raises a red flag for me. For starters, if Joe is with Kaylin Garcia shouldn’t Kaylin have jumped in? Or could this just be a clue that Joe Budden and Tahiry are back together? Hmmm? Something to think about! Now what say you?

Jada Pinkett-Smith Fires Shots At The Media For Attacking Teen Stars

Jada is someone to always give her comments and opinions on things, but when she does do it, it must be serious! Being a mother to two celebrity children and having her whole families drama everywhere, she knows what it means to have your name in the mud.

After a recent incident that took place with teen sensation Justin Bieber she felt enough was enough. Jada took to her Facebook to share her thoughts on cyberbullies and how the media attacks teens in the limelight.

You can find out what Jada had to say when you click on that “Read More" button below:

Are we bullying our young artists?

How can we ask for our young stars to have a high level of responsibility if we are not demonstrating that same level of responsibility towards them?

Just last week, I had to really evaluate the communication in regards to our young artists in the media. I was trying to differentiate cyber-bullying from how we attack and ridicule our young stars through media and social networks. It is as if we have forgotten what it means to be young, or even how to behave like good ole grown folk.

Do we feel as though we can say and do what we please without demonstrating any responsibility simply because they are famous? Is it okay to continually attack and criticize a famous 19 year old who is simply trying to build a life, exercise his talents while figuring out what manhood and fame is all about as he carries the weight of supporting his family as well as providing the paychecks to others who depend on him to work so they can feed their families as well?

Does that render being called a c–t by an adult male photographer as you try to return to your hotel after leaving the hospital? Or what about our nine year old beautiful Oscar nominee who was referred to as a cunt as well? Or what about being a young woman in her early twenties, exploring the [intricacies] of love and power on the world stage? And should we shame a young woman for displaying a sense of innocence as she navigates through the murky waters of love, heartbreak, and fame?
Are these young people not allowed to be young, make mistakes, grow, and eventually transform a million times before our eyes? Are we asking them to defy the laws of nature because of who they are? Why can’t we congratulate them for the capacity to work through their challenges on a world stage and still deliver products that keep them on top.

We all know how hard it is to keep our head above water, even in the privacy of our own homes let alone on the world stage. Imagine yourself, at their age, with the spotlights, challenges and responsibilities. Most of us would have fallen to the waist side before we could even get to a crashed Ferrari, a controversial romance, several heart breaks, or an Oscar nomination at NINE.
We WISH we could have had the capacity to accomplish HALF of what they have accomplished along with ALL these challenges they face. But…maybe THAT’S the problem…we WISH we could have or even…we WISH we could.

Jada went in!! What do you guys think about Jada’s comments? Are we really that bad?

J.R. Smith Ain’t Got Time For Rihanna’s Instagram Messages!!!

As I previously reported in the article before this, Rihanna clapped back at one of her Instagram followers when they blamed J.R. Smith’s poor basketball performance on her. While clapping back at the follower, Rihanna also took a jab at J.R. Smith saying that the reason he is slacking off on his game is because of his clubbing and drinking ways and definitely not because of her.

Well, don’t think for one second that J.R. Smith didn’t catch wind of what Rihanna had to say because he has officially clapped back with his own response…..when you click on that “Read More" button below:

So what do you guys think of J.R. Smith’s response? I’ll hold!

New Music: K. Michelle - V.S.O.P.

On July 30th, K. Michelle will be releasing her newest album titled “Rebellious Soul”. It’s been an album long awaited, and I’m sure the masses are ready to hear what K. Michelle has been working on just as I’m sure K. Michelle wants us to listen to it.

And if you’ve been hearing K. Michelle’s music then I’m sure you know that she does NOT disappoint when it comes to her vocals. Her newest joint titled “V.S.O.P." is bringing you just that! Top notch vocals and a track inspired by Jay Z’s "December 4th”.

So get ready to check out the new joint for yourselves when you click on that “Read More" button below:

I’m loving this damn song!!!!! Now what say you?
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Annie’s “Ralph Macchio”: Idolator Premiere

Annie The A&R EP Cover

Norwegian songstress Annie has no shortage of extraordinary pop gems in her back catalogue - “Heartbeat,” “Chewing Gum,” “Songs Remind Me Of You,” “Anthonio,” and the list goes on - but the thing about her newest release, The A&R EP, is that every song is exceptional. It’s a lean five-track collection, helmed by the effortlessly brilliant Richard X, that flips between euphoria and melancholy; the production is delicately ambient, disco-giddy and Balearic-shimmering, sometimes all at once.

Songs “Hold On,” “Invisible” and “Back Together” have all been unveiled - but now, in anticipation of the EP’s July 29 release, I’m really really stoked to have Idolator premiere the A&R track “Ralph Macchio.”

Annie says that the song was inspired by her experiences watching the titular child star on fuzzy VHS tapes in the ’80s: “I definitely had a crush on him,” she told Vice’s Noisey blog earlier this year. “I’m going to try to send it to him somehow and hope he’s going to smile and have a good day while he’s listening to it.” It’s hard to imagine how he wouldn’t: The song is a gem, video game bleeps and velvety vocals. To have Annie deliver your name in her frosty coo - we should all be so lucky.

Listen below.

Annie - Ralph Macchio

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Zendaya Giveaway: Watch Her Sign Two Blank Cassettes & Enter To Win!

zendaya cassette tape giveaway idolator replay 2013 shake it up interview

One Mixtape You’ll “Replay” Forever!

By now you should be familiar with Zendaya, thanks to our Popping Up interview with the Shake It Up star, and you also ought to be pretty well-versed in her new single “Replay” - particularly because the lyric video for the song spells things out pretty sweetly on various mixtapes.

Keeping with that theme, while we had 16-year-old Zendaya in our studio recently, she graciously picked up a Sharpie and signed two blank cassette tapes (remember those?), which we’re now going to give away! Just think - you could make the best mixtape ever (um, provided you hit the thrift shop and pick up the old-school technology to do so) and have it all wrapped with Zendaya’s autograph.

But before you shake it up and start crying, watch the “Replay” singer put her John Hancock on some plastic above, then catch the contest details below.


1.) “Like” us on Facebook (if you haven’t already.)
2.) Follow us on Twitter (if you haven’t already.)
3.) CLICK HERE TO TWEET US and tell us why you LOVE Zendaya (make sure the hashtag #ZendayaIdolator stays in there!)

Two winners will be selected and notified via DM on Twitter on Friday, August 2. You must be 13 years old or older to win. Good luck!

Tweets about “#ZendayaIdolator”

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