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Annie’s “Ralph Macchio”: Idolator Premiere

Annie The A&R EP Cover

Norwegian songstress Annie has no shortage of extraordinary pop gems in her back catalogue - “Heartbeat,” “Chewing Gum,” “Songs Remind Me Of You,” “Anthonio,” and the list goes on - but the thing about her newest release, The A&R EP, is that every song is exceptional. It’s a lean five-track collection, helmed by the effortlessly brilliant Richard X, that flips between euphoria and melancholy; the production is delicately ambient, disco-giddy and Balearic-shimmering, sometimes all at once.

Songs “Hold On,” “Invisible” and “Back Together” have all been unveiled - but now, in anticipation of the EP’s July 29 release, I’m really really stoked to have Idolator premiere the A&R track “Ralph Macchio.”

Annie says that the song was inspired by her experiences watching the titular child star on fuzzy VHS tapes in the ’80s: “I definitely had a crush on him,” she told Vice’s Noisey blog earlier this year. “I’m going to try to send it to him somehow and hope he’s going to smile and have a good day while he’s listening to it.” It’s hard to imagine how he wouldn’t: The song is a gem, video game bleeps and velvety vocals. To have Annie deliver your name in her frosty coo - we should all be so lucky.

Listen below.

Annie - Ralph Macchio

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Zendaya Giveaway: Watch Her Sign Two Blank Cassettes & Enter To Win!

zendaya cassette tape giveaway idolator replay 2013 shake it up interview

One Mixtape You’ll “Replay” Forever!

By now you should be familiar with Zendaya, thanks to our Popping Up interview with the Shake It Up star, and you also ought to be pretty well-versed in her new single “Replay” - particularly because the lyric video for the song spells things out pretty sweetly on various mixtapes.

Keeping with that theme, while we had 16-year-old Zendaya in our studio recently, she graciously picked up a Sharpie and signed two blank cassette tapes (remember those?), which we’re now going to give away! Just think - you could make the best mixtape ever (um, provided you hit the thrift shop and pick up the old-school technology to do so) and have it all wrapped with Zendaya’s autograph.

But before you shake it up and start crying, watch the “Replay” singer put her John Hancock on some plastic above, then catch the contest details below.


1.) “Like” us on Facebook (if you haven’t already.)
2.) Follow us on Twitter (if you haven’t already.)
3.) CLICK HERE TO TWEET US and tell us why you LOVE Zendaya (make sure the hashtag #ZendayaIdolator stays in there!)

Two winners will be selected and notified via DM on Twitter on Friday, August 2. You must be 13 years old or older to win. Good luck!

Tweets about “#ZendayaIdolator”

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Nov. 2-4: Riga Fashion Week

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Nov. 6: Amman
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Nov. 11: Dead Sea
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Nov.16-21: Hawai i
Nov. 16-19: O ahu (Honolulu & more)
Nov. 20-21: Maui

Nov. 23-26: Cracow

from Nov. 28: Sydney

Petra, November 2012
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Have a great weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Alex’s birthday is TODAY (whoot whoot!), so Toby and I took him out to a yummy breakfast, and late tonight we’re driving to Maryland to visit our cousins. We’re all crashing at their house, so I see some sleeping bags in our future! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few great links from around the web…

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LOVE these children’s clothes.

And I had an idea: If you’d like, post your photos of eating something new to my Facebook page and I’ll feature a bunch on the blog next week. Would be fun to see everyone in action! Thank you so much, and have a great weekend! xoxo
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